English Political Culture in the Fifteenth Century

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Economic, social and cultural history at Cambridge is distinguished by more than its impressive breadth and depth of coverage. We are proud of our shared commitment to balanced attention to economic, social and cultural themes and methodologies.

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Indeed, one important research frontier is now located at the meeting point of the economic, the social and the cultural. We recognize also that the history of the economy, society and culture is often inseparable from the history of power and its uses and institutions, in short, policy and politics. Although much of our work focuses on Britain, we are committed to comparative and transnational perspectives. We reach out, in every direction, to other disciplines: historical demography and geography, social and political sciences, literature, art history and divinity.

Details about individual research programmes can be found by using the links under 'People' below.

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However, some of the research themes that link us in formal or informal collaboration are these:. Graduate training in economic, social and cultural history proceeds in several MPhil courses that vary in subject matter and combine, in different patterns, taught, supervised and written components. However, many students receive training in economic, social and cultural history in one of the other specialized MPhil programmes. Many students proceed from successful work in an MPhil at Cambridge or at another institution to the PhD programme.

An important element of graduate training is the research seminar, attended by graduate students, Faculty and members of the wider academic community. For economic, social and cultural history, the most relevant seminars are:. These are:. Three specified subjects supervised papers are currently offered:.

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Fifteenth Century IV - Boydell and Brewer

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International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. Research at Cambridge. Economic, Social and Cultural History. Research Economic, social and cultural history at Cambridge is distinguished by more than its impressive breadth and depth of coverage. University and College Teaching Officers. Dr Gareth Atkins. Professor Gareth Austin. Dr Christopher Briggs.

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Dr Lucy Delap. Dr Amy Louise Erickson British economic and social history, Dr Natalia Mora Sitja.

The Fifteenth Century IV

Dr Renaud Morieux. Pages: 1— Pages: 17— Pages: 59— Pages: 91— Pages: — Biographical Note Alessandra Petrina , Ph. In constructing an integrated approach to Humfrey's political and cultural aspirations, there could hardly be a better starting-point that Alessandra Petrina's volume. Petrina offers a fine overview of the English cultural scene in this work of scholarship.

Reeves, Choice , Foreword List of Illustrations Introduction: A definition of humanism in early fifteenth-century England 1. The beginning of humanism in England 3. A sense of history: Duke Humphrey living and writing his own times 4.

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Those interested in late-medieval or early modern studies, in patronage, in cultural politics, in the history of medieval libraries, in English and Italian early humanism, in late medieval English literature. Brill's Studies in Intellectual History Online.

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