So You Want to Be a Wizard (Young Wizards, Book 1) (International Edition)

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Minecraft: Xbox Edition lets you create worlds from the comfort of your sofa. Greatest Selection of Books Kid-approved books. It places the player in a world full of spells, curses and dark creatures, and much much more. We all know Minecraft is a famous gamer in the sandbox genre where you build blocks and explore the virtual world to find the adventure. Dante So AFK fish farming possibly with some luck potions is the fastest way to get enchanted books. The Akashic Tome can be combined with mods' documentation books, and can store as many as you can fit in there.

This name generator will give you 10 random names for horses suitable for Minecraft universes.

So You Want To Be A Wizard

Maybe team runt could have some mythical pet! Join Facebook to connect with Phoenix Raikena and others you may know. ComicList was founded Jan. A deadly spacecraft designed for aerial harassment, the Phoenix is highly maneuverable, possesses great speed, and is able to outmaneuver almost any foe. Here's the Amazon link for my book. The phoenix is a protoss air to air unit in StarCraft II. Place a book, ink sac, and feather anywhere in the crafting area to make a book and quill. Horse name generator - Minecraft.

Minecraft a game where you could do anything fight off monsters and build almost anything. Upon death they drop a phoenix egg, so you will be able to rebirth your phoenix. It can be found as a rare item in abandoned mineshaft chests. The last two books are slightly shorter but still longer than the first books in the series. He owns a news paper called the Rodents Gazette and he writes books about his adventures.

Updates may include new mobs, items, blocks, status effects, and more. I did not check quantity or inventory on hand. My other question from earlier Is there any greater value in an enchanted book with multiple enchantments? Akashic Tome. Phoenix Drop how to draw minecraft characters drawing tutorial will teach you step by step 'how to draw minecraft characters' in no time.

Our Minecraft Community is the core of a great experience. Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. Amazing Free eBook Download Site! Newest Free eBook Share! The basic concept and code is the same, but they are functionally different. Takes the shape of a horse, dog, or giant bird. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes Minecraft Schematics is the best place to find Minecraft creations, schematics, maps and worlds to download.

Minecraft is a fun game that kids enjoy playing. Once you have the materials, it's easy to set up your own farm so you never run out of paper and leather. The enchantment will stay with the book until such time that a player wants to use the enchantment on a separate item. Learn how to design, build, and customize every part of your castle and the surrounding area, from sturdy walls and deadly traps to dank, dark Minecraft's enchantment is a whole thing you'll need to learn, and Mending Books can come in pretty key. Nothing beats Scholastic Book Fairs.

Irish minecraft folder in horizon and right click and click inject file. The only item it adds is the Akashic Tome, crafted with a Book and a Bookshelf. At CCV, our mission is to reach this Valley for Christ, and are committed to helping people grow in their faith. We then enforce it with a UV resistant, weatherproof laminate for maximum quality. Books can also be used to make an Enchantment Table, and used for Enchanting items in an anvil as an enchanted book. To fly down, look down. Egyptian, Greek Phooka - A pitch black being with glowing red eyes. Phantom Phoenix. My latest book was published in late November.

For fans of Minecraft and graphic novels, an epic, full-color adventure—Phoenix must save her village from the ghost of Herobrine. All your favourite books are available, ranging from the hottest bestsellers to specialist titles. How to Make a Book in Minecraft. The biggest and best Minecraft Factions Server! Spirit Planet The mystical realm of the Fay, beware the mischievous spirits that live within. Download and print these Printable Minecraft coloring pages for free. In the first row, there should be 1 paper in the first box and 1 paper in the second box.

AllBookstores finds the lowest book prices on new, used and rental textbooks by comparing prices at more than 3 dozen online bookstores with thousands of booksellers. Sugar Cane is a type of plant that is commonly found in Minecraft. Teaching resources, children's and teacher books, lesson plans, book lists, classroom resources, educational products from Scholastic for PreK to 12 teachers. I thought it was HARD. This Minecraft tutorial explains how to make fire with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Altogether it's based on my experiment like 1.

Maybe in this pint-sized form, she will manage to control all that power, too! So for my next lesson I will be showing you "how to draw a phoenix bird of flames", step by step. News, email and search are just the beginning. It's a kid's graphic novel about Phoenix, who has to save her brother when he's turned into a zombie. Here's how to get them in Minecraft. We have millions of books at great prices. The audio books are always available to subscribing libraries and their patrons.

Ads by Curse Welcome on the top Minecraft server list. Phoenix - A supernatural bird with the ability to live forever by recreating itself from its own ashes. How to mod minecraft xbox minecraft losttvfanscom, the how to mod minecraft xbox is a complement to the cult game yes, minecraft is a really cult game that has become popular among millions of people variety in the game and how to mod minecraft Geronimo Stilton Books. It was constructed after Voldemort returned to England from abroad and started his campaign to take over the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggle-borns.

The game is loved by millions of players and there are regular updates for the game. This is the second book of love between men Aphmau fanfic I hope you like this this is going to be made up shadow leaves for a bit to find out about her jury of nine title she will later pop back up but this is my thinking way what I think should happen but read the book to find out what happens garmau fans just a quick note Garroth and Aphmau ain't together yet they broke up to give them This January, Stampy Cat is back with his second book, Stick with Stampy, filled with jokes, activities, and games for those who want to keep on having fun with Stampy and Minecraft.

Using this item opens an interface where you can type in a long message. Sit in awe of even the miniature version with this Pop! Aphmau wakes up in what seems to be a regular Minecraft World. Phoenix Dust. Minecraft--the indie sandbox video game that took the world by storm--has been hailed as one of the greatest phenomena amongst gamers and educators for both its simplicity and its brilliance. Below is a list of 20 Youtubers that have some of the best kid-friendly Minecraft videos. The names are all related to the appearance and characteristics of a phoenix, so fire, smoke, ashes and more.

Book 1. We personally assess every book's quality and offer rare, out-of-print treasures. This is the rarest core type. Cuckold toons, manga and doujinshi, milf cartoon stories, insane family comix, amazing furry sex tales and many more. This awesome Minecraft mob was designed by one of Tynker's creative makers! Obtaining []. During a rescue mission in space, Jean is nearly killed when she is hit by a mysterious cosmic Empire Minecraft is a collection of Minecraft Servers, with over , players, averaging to online during peak!

All of our servers are integrated together into one large minecraft community. Browse new releases, best selling titles or classics, with free delivery on eligible orders. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Bring a friend and make new discoveries each week. Thank you for visiting MinecraftSkins. We love to see our customers in person, so please drop by our storefront to chat! If you prefer to e-mail us about books or furniture, please include your name and phone number in your message.

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So You Want to Be a Wizard

Bedrock Edition; 1. Booktopia - buy online books, DVDs and Magazine Subscriptions from Australia's leading online bookstore with over 4 million titles. If you're a college student looking for discount prices on new or used textbooks, then we can save you a ton of money on this semester's books. Harry Potter Mod 1. Missing numbers means they didn't have the book or I couldn't find it in the shop. No page may be longer than 14 lines and each line can have an average of 19 characters, Browse thousands of community created Minecraft Banners on Planet Minecraft!

Wear a banner as a cape to make your Minecraft player more unique, or use a banner as a flag!

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All content is shared by the community and free to download. I want some books! I'm god at Minecraft. You can also create an everlasting fire if you use netherrack. Music, and Books from the Stinkweeds is an independently owned, new and used music store and website based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The original Order was created in the s. They use their item data to One-Shots about Minecraft. OWASP Foundation Overview Slides is a professional association of global members and is open to anyone interested in learning more about software security. Will the player survive or die? We've built up such a steady portfolio of ace Minecraft reads over the years that I'm not sure why all other writers don't just pack it in to be honest.

Minecraft crossover fanfiction archive with over stories. When making a book, it is important that the papers and leather are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. After that, your world is your imagination. A book itself can be used as the target of any enchantment. We have a great range of Activity Books from top brands. In use by , the Phoenix is rapidly replacing the older Scouts and Corsairs in Minecraft Redstone creations. Related Skins Learn about me and my kind of minecraft. Discover new ways to play Minecraft with the Welcome to azporncomics.

That could be because it's been deleted at BrickLink, is a variant of one that does e. You can also click on my links to related websites and you can check out an A-Z book list with my book Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world, featuring original games such as The Walls, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games, and many more!

The administration works very hard to bring Version: 2. Turn your hours into minutes with Minecraft! From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary. Bianca has never been good at following the plan. This dust is used to create a phoenix egg. The Pragmatic Programmer, 20th Anniversary Edition Andy and Dave wrote this seminal, classic book to help their clients create better software and rediscover the joy of coding. Take down the great storm! Stream new XXX tube movies online, browse sex photos, date girls to fuck at xHamster!

Wattpad Books aspires to recognize and reflect diverse voices by taking Wattpad stories to published book and onto bookshelves around the world. Minecraft Bedroom, Kids Minecraft Room, Phoenix said we should get two so that they can be brother and sister! Quinn received one of the books for his Find a great collection of Toys at Costco. You can trade the stuff you fish with villagers for more books. Browse staff picks, author features, and more. Best of all, it's FREE! In the 19th century, scholastic suspicions appeared to be confirmed by the discovery that Egyptians in Heliopolis had venerated the Bennu, a solar bird observed in some respects to be similar to the Greek phoenix.

Mythical sacred firebird. The collection now contains more contemporary title, as well as digital audio books - all Arizona themed!!! Better books. Phoenix name generator. Banner Health makes health care easier, so your life can be better. Install Proprietary Graphics Drivers. Based in Sydney, Australia we offer over 4 million books from our database which have been categorised into a variety of subjects to make it easier for you to browse and shop. I thought it was time to do an up to date version of this bird because it is widely loved by many fantasy art fans and artists.

The current tool will remain live through It is the largest independent children's publisher in the UK. Carman often uses technology, videos, and games to bring wired kids back to books. Phoenix Niccum is on Facebook. Shop Walmart. The collection is seperated into two databases: the first contains custom heads, which never change their texture, using the Give-Codes from Minecraft 1.

Registering takes only a few seconds but gives you increased capabilities. They have a 1. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Surviving Minecraft. Phoenix eggs are used to hatch the mythical phoenix. Whether you want to transfer to a four-year university or move into an in-demand career, our programs are designed to help you reach your goals.

I DON'T GET: The Story of Harry Potter

To fly up, look up. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is In the second row, there should be 1 paper in the first box and 1 leather in the second box. The chapter leader is Joaquin Fuentes. Um and my brother is a noob at minecraft. Family-approved prices. So Isadora Moon was born! I also gave Isadora Moon fangs unlike Victoria Stitch as when I started to think about the backstory for her why she has batwings, what species is she etc… it made sense that her mum was a fairy and her dad was a vampire.

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This is why Isadora Moon is so special to me — because she was born out of a real passion project of mine. I absolutely adore her. July Book of the Month Characteristically, Gill Lewis skilfully conjures a vivid sense of landscape and wildlife in a story starring a character driven by her love of wild things and determination to achieve justice for them. Bobbie lives on a sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands with her parents and strong-willed, somewhat eccentric grandma.

Can they prove it, and protect the eagle? This new book, part of the Prehistoric Beasts Uncovered series, brings us hot off the press scientific information on Triceratops, one of the most recognisable of all the dinosaurs. The discovery of a Triceratops tooth in proved that the animals lived in Appalachia, now the eastern part of the USA, far outside the area they were thought to inhabit.

Now scientists can look for Triceratops fossils in whole new areas, and new discoveries will certainly be made. Other pages show how modern technology has revealed new information about Triceratops eating habits, but that scientists learned lots too by recreating battles between Triceratops using plastic models. Full colour throughout and with a useful glossary, this is an inspiring information book.

It was also fascinating to work with the artists, from around the world, who created the life-like 3D artworks of the animals featured in the series. Every year new fossil discoveries are made, or advancements in technology allow us to gather more evidence from bones that were dug from the ground decades ago.

This means the books are just jam-packed with the latest information on these incredible animals. From seeing T. A brilliantly funny odd couples comedy from one of our very funniest authors for children. The Primms and the Weirds are totally different: fish-eating, hedge-trimming, neighbourhood-watching, the Primms are as strait-laced as they come, while the Weirds are just, well, weird!

Despite their differences, when the Weirds move in next door, Pinch Primm becomes friends with Ott Weird, and their adventures make wonderfully comic reading. There are three different stories, each is short, very funny and with a momentum that keeps the pages turning right until the end. In a Nutshell: Guffaws, giggles and gags aplenty By a curious twist of fate Daniel Kendal - the self-confessed NOT-brainiac - has been chosen to represent his school at the National Brainiac Championships. An honour indeed and his headmaster Mr Biggend has high hopes of success, promising a party for the whole school hurray!

There's just one problem Daniel doesn't have the skills. In a family of high-achievers the only thing Daniel wins at is being tall. He's exceptionally tall but that really isn't going to help him here. Through fair means or foul, Daniel realises he must somehow win the competition to avoid national humiliation - and the wrath of the rest of the school! With short chapters and lots of fun cartoon illustrations this is a great choice for the more reluctant reader.

But she still feels a bit homesick. When the school decides to enter a film-making competition set by the local council, Dani is in her element - back at home she often makes videos with her friend Arch. Amongst the fun and crazy adventures, there are subtle messages about being yourself, and developing confidence. A great take on the boarding school genre. Or are these problems just too big for Funfair Moon?

Verbal and visual jokes about in this fantastical adventure. Tim and his family move to the country when his dad decides to become a farmer. Bankruptcy is looming when Tim persuades his dad to take in a pack of llamas. For various unlikely reasons, the llamas turn out to be footballing geniuses, the Ronaldos and Messis of the animal world, and are soon competing at a very high level. Silly, and as satisfying as stories of unlikely champions always are, the book is also full of quality descriptions of the footballing action as Llama United progress up the league.

And what a time they have, passing all the planets from Mercury to Pluto before returning home, navigating their way through an asteroid belt on the way. Each short chapter is full of information about the galaxy, and packed with illustrations by Tony Ross too. Lots to learn, and lots of fun to be had while publisher Barrington Stoke makes sure that this is a book that is particularly easy to read. Here on Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting new titles and refreshing our special dyslexia friendly category.

Click here to view our current selection which is broken down by age range. Rover, star of The Giggler Treatment and others, is back for a new and equally hilarious dog-poo centred adventure. As ever, Rover needs to collect dog poo to keep the Gigglers well-supplied. Probably not, but a camping trip certainly allows for lots of comic adventure. The jokes come thick and fast and mostly from the nether regions and the story is told as much through cartoon illustration as through the text making this a super accessible read for everyone.

Danny Dingle does just that with it's all-singing, all-farting, larger-than-life characters and irreverent tone. It is a treat to work on a book that's so genuinely funny and full of personality, which can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The book's universal appeal is something that is mentioned over and over in reviews, and it is one of the reasons it is so brilliant for engaging reluctant readers.

Danny's witty, imaginative and relentlessly optimistic personality is infectious: you can't help but love him despite his many flaws. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this book is indeed packed with things for kids to do with science and the great news is that all of them are fun and generally easy to do, and that they can be created from craft materials or items that all of us will have readily to hand. Diagrams and colour photos make it more accessible and attractive to look at too. With activities that can be carried out indoors and outdoors, this will be great for the Easter and summer holidays.

British Science Week is 10—19 March - find out more at www. She wishes she could take Neil, her puffin, with her. In a nice touch we see that mum is feeling a bit sad about it too. Fortunately, the teacher sees a way to make things right. Children will understand exactly how Polly feels while guest appearances by Neil and Skittles the parrot add excitement and more humour.

The short text, lively adventure and frequent illustrations make this just the thing for readers at the start of their own schooldays. Along with a bowl of fruit, six batteries and a wind-up meerkat. Terrific fun. Author: Gareth P. Why, our pets. When Dung Guzzler beetles arrive from the former star Dun-Glowing, things look bad: these things thrive on rubbish, and as they get bigger will happily trample whole cities to produce more rubble. How will agent Biskit and his new partner Mitzy the cat stop them?

Garth P Jones has a deservedly dedicated fan-base and they will love this new series. A fast-moving adventure ensues, a mix of daft but exciting action scenes, wisecracks, slapstick and some proper character development too. Black and white illustrations by Tim Wesson add to the all-round appeal.

All these things are put to good use to stop a wicked landowner, whose plans to turn the library into a carpark are actually cover for something even more despicable. This will be great fun for children who like stories overflowing with magic, and Kit and her friends are very appealing characters. The action in this exciting crime story is set in a comic shop, and come-strip sensibilities inspire the whole adventure. They are as lively a pair of protagonists as you could hope to meet and there are twists, turns and surprises galore as the story unfolds.

Each chapter opens with a Komodo Jones comic front cover — someone should publish those stories too! Award-winning Michael Morpurgo weaves a charming and witty story around sport and history as they have come together in the recent twin triumphs of the City of Leicester with the discovery of the remains of King Richard III in a car park and Leicester City football club winning the Premier League. The link between the two? A family of foxes! When Daddy Fox finds the ghost of the king and helps to release him from an unseemly grave he is granted one royal wish. What will it be? As a mad-keen footballing family the Foxes have one over-riding wish; that Leicester City can go top of the League.

Can the King do it? You bet he can! Michael Foreman captures the spirit of this entertaining adventure perfectly. There are shades of Watership Down in the story of Shylo, the runt who embarks on a daring adventure, but it brings to mind Wind in the Willows too, in the depictions of the English countryside and the creation of eccentric yet believable animal characters.

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  • A brilliantly fun whimsical comedy featuring Tom, Ellie and their cat who are whisked off to stay with the dreaded aunt, aka The Sticky Witch. To view other titles we think are suitable for reluctant readers please click here. A Dyslexia Friendly title. Funny, surprising, original, it unfolds as smoothly as treacle dripping off a spoon, but much much faster. I did NONE of these things.

    Stay awake in lessons it helps. AVOID the class bully to stay out of trouble. Technically not a school issue - but still important. In 3 : invisible goodies — dastardly baddies — killer chickens poultry-geists! In a nutshell : noble kings — evil laughs — chocolate Good versus evil is given a very funny workout in this the first book in what should become a very popular series. As kings go, Edwin is lovely, always distributing chocolate to his subjects.

    Andy Riley cleverly lampoons comic book conventions while simultaneously constructing an action story that will thoroughly satisfy their readers. Karen has made a name for herself with teachers, reading charities and librarians for producing fun and fast-paced stories that get the most reluctant of readers turning the pages.

    Walter Brown and the Magician's Hat is a magical story bursting with adventure and excitement. Walter is woken on his 10th birthday by his cat Sixpence, and as he opens his presents he receives a rather special hat, with some rather special abilities. Black and grey illustrations bring the story to life, and Sixpence in particular looks very real and more than a little mischievous. Amusing, imaginative and entertaining, this story is a perfectly magical treat.

    This really keeps me on my toes well, fingertips I suppose… and the great news is that every one of my readers wins. I also often get comments about how refreshing it is to have a book that can be read in a short space of time due to its manageable length. Many children who are not natural bookworms get a great sense of achievement from this — and those that read regularly find time to easily fit in my books alongside all the other distractions available to them. So I hope I am doing my small part to inspire and support a love of reading. In a Nutshell: silliness — disguises - dogs Jeremy Strong continues to set the standard in comic writing for children and his Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog series is a tour de force of silliness.

    Trevor is determined not to let this happen and with his NOT-girlfriend Tina works out a clever plan. Meanwhile, someone is kidnapping dogs, the fancier, the better. The plot proceeds at the kind of speed even Streaker would be pushed to match and this is joyfully, inspiringly ludicrous. Fans will be more than satisfied. Superfairies is a sweet new series about four little fairies, in which the emphasis is very much on kindness and helping others.

    In this springtime story the fairies are working together to clean their home inside the cherry blossom tree, when they get a call that one of their animal friends needs help. They climb into the fairycopter and fly to the rescue as always. Little Basil the bear cub has got into trouble in the river and things are scary until the fairies manage to help him out. With just the right amount of risk and reassurance, and a gentle message about the danger of playing near water, this will charm young readers.

    I also had a wonderful illustrated book about the tooth fairy that included, most importantly, instructions on how to ensure my tooth was not missed in exchange for some pocket money. So when Curious Fox was introduced to Rose, Berry, Silk and Star, we knew we wanted to bring the Superfairies to the next generation of girls and boys! The Superfairies live in a cherry blossom tree in Peaseblossom Woods, alongside their animal chums. A celebration for the changing seasons and the beauty of nature is always round the corner, and with summer fairs, petal parades and winter feasts, their active social lives alone could keep their calendar full all year round.

    But nature also brings challenges. The fairies are torn: how can they protect their friends and still respect Mother Nature? There are plenty of times, however, that the animals need no help at all to get themselves in sticky situations. Wonder, curiosity and refusing to back down from dares are the prime culprits in keeping the Superfairies on red alert.

    Nature and technology harmoniously mix to aid animal rescues. Each fairy has a special power: Berry uses her super eyesight to scout for missing animals and Silk spins super strong webs to make ladders or catch falling friends. When they work together, they can solve any problem. This happy union is echoed by the author and illustrator, who are partners in crime and friends in real life. Join the Superfairies on their rescues with books 1 to 4 available now, and books 5 and 6 publishing in August this year. A classic Roald Dahl title, a most touching story of a boy and his very special father.

    Danny and his father live in a caravan parked right next to the garage where his father works. Danny father teaches him how to fix bits of car, reads him bedtime stories and introduces him to the wonders of nature. One night, Danny discovers his father has a secret. He is a brilliant poacher and he is determined to outwit the local gamekeepers. How Danny helps his father carry out his most daring plan of all without being caught is a thrilling read and a triumph for father and son.

    Jeremy Strong knows just how to pitch a story to junior readers and the three different adventures in this collection have all his hallmarks: exaggerated characters; bags of slapstick; fast, furious storytelling that still leaves children with something to think about. Pudding Lane Primary, as explained in the first story, is the proud owner of a pet ostrich, Iris aka Mad Iris.

    Loveable world-class detective Timmy Failure is back for a new adventure. And his business partner and side-kick Total, a. Can Timmy keep out of trouble at school and ahead of the game? There are laughs a plenty as Timmy finds himself in — and out - of some ludicrous situations. The combination of hilarious words and drawings will have even the most reluctant readers laughing their way through another great story from Stephan Pastis.

    It makes for lively reading — another winner from a writer who always finds the net. Barrington Stoke is the foremost publisher of dyslexia friendly books and those for reluctant readers. The story will satisfy its readers thoroughly and Max looks set to give Dork diarist Nikki a run for her money. Finding out just what leads up to this is very funny indeed and readers will be pleased to hear that Rafe still returns home something of a hero.

    How do you see off the school bully? A farm boy himself he is quite at home with the big bully Olly and he dares Darren to come up close too. A gripping story with a surprising ending. In a nutshell: historical adventures full of facts and fun Not since Horrible Histories has the past been brought to life for young readers so accurately and with so much humour. Written in partnership with the National Trust in the form of the diary of a young boy, page to a knight at Widemoat Castle, the story recounts an exciting episode in his life culminating in an attack on the castle by the rebellious Welsh.

    Diane Duane

    You can always rely on Philip Ardagh to add humour and this rollicking story has some very good jokes as well as appealing characters. A winning combination! It's much more serious than that. From Hillsborough to Munich and the Heysel Stadium, Alan Gibbons examines the worst events in football in a way that enables young fans to understand what happened and why.

    A fan himself, his book still celebrates the best of football too as a way to bring people together. Meres gives almost-eleven-year old Darren a very authentic voice, and his diary extracts are broken up at regular intervals by lists and fun facts, making this very accessible. A fun and satisfying story to make reading rock! September Fascinating Facts Book of the Month Anything you can imagine, you can animate says this stimulating book, and it explains clearly and simply the ten key skills readers need to become expert animators, starting with flipbook loops and ending with special effects, lighting and camera skills.

    The instructions are carefully worded to be friendly and easy to follow, while the colour illustrations on every page help to explain the different processes, and keep it all feeling fun and uncomplicated. There are lots of extra handy tips in text flashes, a page of useful links and a glossary with definitions of technical and unfamiliar terms. This is an inspiring and really useful guide for young would-be animators.

    This is a hilarious story of dead fish, gorillas with bananas in their ears, poetry, cunning plans and highly legal documents kind of. Oh and iPads, iPhones and vlogging of course. Oh the horror, the indignity! The days when people would sit around the fire playing board games, take long walks and do jigsaw puzzles — all the time. Will Louis convince his parents that social media and technology are good things after all? Or will Louis have to find another way to make his voice heard?

    In an age where the issue of technology and social media addiction is becoming ever more topical and debated, How to Update Your Parents provides a fresh outlook on the subject and shows both sides of the argument in a thoroughly entertaining, non-judgmental, and hilarious way. A successful mix of pedal-action, friendship and fantasy adventure, this is a very satisfying story for newly confident readers.

    Brilliantly visualised, these graphic novel versions of the best-selling stories of boy spy Alex Rider add a fantastic new dimension to the original and terrific for getting even the most reluctant of readers to enjoy the experience of reading.

    Other works

    Following the death of his guardian, Alex is forcibly recruited into MI6 and so finds himself off on some seriously hair raising missions in which he faces terrible danger and the real risk of death. In the second in the series, PointBlanc he is taken from his own school and sent to infiltrate the mysterious Point Blanc Academy.

    Can he uncover the horrible secret behind what is going on? Alex Rider is a perfect hero. He spends some of the proceeds on tickets to the cinema and particularly likes musicals. When he accidentally stumbles onto a real film set, his special talent is suddenly revealed: when Hari dances, everyone has to join in.

    It makes him a local celebrity then, with the help of his friend Mr Ram, Hari uses his gift to spread happiness further afield. With his mother badly injured and in a coma he goes to stay with his uncle in his strange, crumbling house. Fast-moving, with a great sense of the natural world as well as hints at supernatural beings — good and bad — this is a thoroughly satisfying tale of young people saving the day.

    Other authors creating addictive and irresistible page-turners for young readers include Steve Cole, Liz Pichon and Jim Smith. Jimmy is determined to follow his dream of a company run by kids for kids, despite the scepticism of parents, teachers and the bank.

    Maddy is a warm, thoroughly engaging central character, with just a touch of the Emma Woodhouse about her, and the ballet scenes will leave readers itching to stand at the barre. A different take on the football story, this is fun and easy to read, and the banter between George and her mates is top division stuff. But can he win over Miss Vowel, who seems to care more for her growing collection of school pets than any of her pupils?

    A special 15th anniversary edition of this award-winning classic adventure from Eva Ibbotson in which orphaned Maia travels from England to the Amazon with her governess. As the horror of that is sinking in, the situation gets even more frightening and he meets a dangerous girl who is able to control others with her thoughts.

    Each title has a host of unique accessibility features to offer cracking reads to more children including reluctant and struggling readers and those with dyslexia or visual stress. Here at Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting the best of their new and backlist titles to recommend to you. This time the Kidds are in Russia and hot on the trail of some missing masterpieces of the art world.

    Chapter are short but always full of action, and full of appealing illustrations too. The Kidds are a fun bunch of people to spend time with and kid readers will feel well and truly part of the action. This is fiction to get even the most reluctant readers avidly turning the pages. Each child has an obvious revolting characteristic and each of their stories is hugely disgusting, richly inventive and cheeringly anarchic. Walliams has created a unique take on the classic cautionary tale.

    There is a huge emphasis on surreal humour in this book. I hope children around the world will enjoy it, even the most reluctant reader. These stories are a joy and will have children everywhere reading all summer long. Only David Walliams could deliver such a wonderful book as such a terrific surprise. In a short book of less than 80 pages Malorie Blackman delivers an exciting, incisive story with a credible, interesting central character and powerful message about the importance of taking a stand and fighting for what you believe in.

    Michela travels through space with her people on an Alliance spaceship commanded by her mother. Like all her friends she wears a Peace Maker non-aggression gadget. When an apparently hostile spaceship demands they put forward a champion or face destruction, Michela steps up, with surprising results. Exciting, thought-provoking stuff. The background is vividly described, and fascinating, whether you know your nunchaku from your shuriken or not, and Chris Bradford is an expert at keeping the tension high. Everyone thinks they know what it's like, going to school.

    But have you ever wondered what life must be like at a boarding school? A school for young offenders?

    A school for the blind? With her trademark humour, insight, sensitivity and razor-sharp wit, Anne Fine explores these different worlds in a short story collection that will fascinate young readers. Author: J. This large print, dyslexia-friendly edition of the most famous sports book in the wizarding world pairs J. Rowling's original text with gorgeous jacket art by Jonny Duddle and line illustrations throughout by Tomislav Tomic. This is a special large print edition of J. Full of magic and trickery, these classic tales both entertain and instruct, and remain as captivating to young wizards today as they were when Beedle first put quill to parchment in the fifteenth century.

    The boy at the centre of the story — we never learn his name — is poor, lonely and bullied by other children because of his selective mutism.