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He is a genie that First Squad had brought to life when his meteor landed on Hidden Kingdom. And every villain calls him "Genie", because he was to be caught from the League of Chaos, which the bounty was one hundred and eight trillion dollars. Throughout the series, Jon plays the true main protagonist of the reboot, acting as the only hero that stops the League of Chaos, led by the Emperor later known as Twin Masters or Bison as Jon and Rosefinch calls him, as revealed in The Pitched Battle of the Air Force.

And after fighting the Bronze Giant, he realized now that he is Hero: , the grace of Hidden Kingdom to stop the evil League of Chaos and defeat the Emperor from world chaos and destruction once and for all. See More by KingofSupremeChaos. Hero: - Reboot - The Snow Leopard King The Snow Leopard King is the king of the Snow Leopards and the warden of a prison, somewhere in Hidden Kingdom, and he was maybe revealed as a brother or a cousin, which it was confusing for the Cheetah King.

Needless to say, none of them are official. Race: Hedgehog Speculation: If you choose to get technical, Silver is most likely an African Pygmy Hedgehog, since that is the most common, well-known species of hedgehog. I thought marriage would make him more responsible. For a few years Keshav was all right. When Amit was around five, things began to worsen. Keshav took to drinking. Gradually his business collapsed. He kept pressurizing Rupali to ask money from her father. Poor girl, much against her wishes she was forced to comply.

August 23—how can I ever forget that date? It was two days before Amit's seventh birthday Keshav bashed up Rupali in front of Amit and left the house. Till then Keshav had never physically abused her. This was the last straw. She locked herself in the room. Poor Amit was left whimpering outside.

He kept banging the door but there was no response. One window was ajar. He pushed it open and looked in.

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His mother was dead. I was staying in another part of the city. By the time I got the message and reached there, the neighbours had called the police and the ambulance. Amit had fainted. For ten days the poor child continued to suffer. He had high temperature. He couldn't sleep at night and kept having nightmares. Six months ago I came to know he had died. I got the information more than a month after his death. Anyway, he had asked for it. But poor Rupali He was very witty and enjoyed playing pranks. But the tragedy changed everything.

He just went into a shell. He has still not got over it. He has a deep sense of insecurity. That is what makes him keep to himself. He knows he doesn't come from a normal family; that he is different. That is why he doesn't mix with others. She had already taken permission from his grandfather. Chitra ma'am lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment. She had made a special lunch for him. Over lunch, as they got talking, gradually Amit opened up a little bit. Later they sat on the sofa in the tiny living room. Now let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I got married soon after I completed my graduation. My husband, Vishaal, was very handsome, kind and considerate. Two years after our marriage our son was born. We named him Anuraag. Our family was as happy as any family would be. One evening, Vishaal and Anuraag were going to the club to play table tennis. They left at seven. A truck had smashed into Vishaal's mobike. Vishaal had died on the spot and Anuraag was in the ICU. I somehow managed to reach the hospital. Anuraag was swathed in bandages. As I lowered my head to whisper into his ears that I had come, he raised his arms slowly and gently pulled me closer.

He just said four words which I will never forget: "I'll be back, Ma. Now, whether he actually said them or I imagined them, I can't be sure. But those four words became my lifeline. Often I indulged in self pity. With Vishaal and Anuraag gone, there was nothing left to live for. But Anuraag's words kept me going. And all these years I have been waiting Chitra ma'am stopped. Amit looked at her.

He felt a strange sensation. As if she was trying to tell him something Your grandpa told me. It is your birthday" Amit looked at her as the impact of what she had told sank in. But the fort of Kaidgarh had been locked for the day. Rohit remembered the watchman's warning that he would lock up at six and leave.

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But Rohit, lost in admiring the ancient ramparts and corridors, was not out on time. Now he faced the prospect of spending a whole night within the fort. It was really unnerving. Rohit lived in Patna and was in Class EX. He had had a fight with his parents over his marks and in his anger had run away. He had jumped onto the first interstate bus he could find which had brought him to the small town of Kaidgarh, literally prisoners' fort. Intrigued by the ruined fort overlooking the town, Rohit had decided to explore it and had lost count of time. Now he tried desperately to get out of the fort.

Could he scale the walls and jump out? The walls of the fort descended steeply into a moat full of rubble, rainwater and moss. Foulsmelling vapour rose from the moat meeting the darkness that now descended from the skies. There must be some other way out. Looking about the fort he came upon an iron grille set in a huge 35 column in one corner. As Rohit pulled at the rusted grille, it came suddenly unhinged and Rohit lost his balance. He fell down The fall stunned him for a while. Then he opened his eyes and found himself looking into the yellow eyes of a leopard in a cage, pawing furiously at its bars.

In terror, Rohit picked himself up and ran further into the passage. From the end of the passage came a groan. Rohit could see no water, only a broken pitcher on the floor. It made him feel thirsty himself. Where are you from? The man wailed that he was a peasant who had been imprisoned by the king.

The new one—the son—not the father, the old king is locked up somewhere in this fort itself. The king of Kaidgarh died centuries ago. T h e n he realized with h o r r o r that he was in the f o r t ' s underground dungeon.

Just then someone spoke from behind the wall, "Don't doze off, brother. A second voice spoke, "I know, brother. If anyone escapes, we'll lose our heads. These must be sentries on guard. But how could they be still alive? Rohit yanked it open and hauled himself up to the room above. Inside he saw a middle-aged lady and an old man. The lady's clothes were shabby but Rohit could see that they had once had sequins and spangles on them. The old man, too, wore expensive 36 but old clothes.

Before him lay a platter and a bowl. Rohit remembered the bus driver telling him that a king of Kaidgarh had kept his father imprisoned here and usurped the throne. And the lady, his daughter, a princess? Are you here to kill us? I haven't come to kill you.

I don't know who you are. I just came to look at this old fort and I How I wish I hadn't run away. Let me clap for some kebabs. The old king lost his patience and began to scream. All my men are useless! Who dares to make a prisoner of me? What are you saying? Then, as the meaning of this sunk into him, he fell silent again. The princess sighed. Then she again 37 pointed to her own dinner. Rohit knew he should not eat her meagre rations. But he was so hungry that he could not refuse. He is dressed oddly and he speaks a little different from us.

But he's helpless and lost, that much is clear. He ran away from home, he says. Came here and then got lost in the dungeons. He won't let me in! How you young people misunderstand your elders! A father's heart is soft. However much the son errs, the father forgives him. Look at me, dethroned, imprisoned and starved. I would still forgive my son if he ever came to look me up.

That's what fathers are made of, Lad. All you have to do is return to your father and you will see I was right. He sat staring vacantly as the princess descended through the same trapdoor that Rohit had come up through. But this time she took him into a different room, possibly the armoury, as the walls were covered with swords and shields.

Soon Rohit felt tired, but he saw a crack in the wall with light coming through it. It was morning and light was streaming into the room. You must have known it all along. Even in those days when you were alive. Why did you not escape? You could have And he wouldn't hear of running away. Rohit could just hear a whisper. But you can," the princess said softly. Then all of a sudden she disappeared. Then he began to move towards the gate. As he neared it, he could hear the gate being thrown open. A new day was beginning. Rushing past the openmouthed fellow, Rohit made his way down the hillock on which Kaidgarh stood.

He took the earliest bus to Patna The three clung to one another and cried. And Rohit understood that far away, in time and space, a father's spirit had finally known some peace. I have told you more than fifty so far. Would you care for a real experience of mine? But you must promise not to tell the tale to anyone. It shall remain strictly between you, me and the four walls of my room. It happened to your Munne chacha.

He will kill me if he comes to know that I have let out his secret? Toni agreed and Big Papa began his narration. The houses and streets looked so old but still the place was called Naya Gaon or the new village. Funny isn't it? One day it was announced that the Viceroy would be visiting the village the following month. He would inspect our school, too. We were directed to dress in spotless white uniforms, heads covered with topis sporting a green feather. But the topis had to be removed and heads lowered when the Viceroy's carriage appeared before the lined up boys.

The headgear was to be held in the hand until the dignitary had walked past the last row of boys. We rehearsed the exercise many times. The drill with topis was a nuisance. Its taking off and bowing to the Viceroy were to be done in style. The school's prestige had to be upheld. Did the school do well on the appointed day? I was at the top of the first line and Munne Ali was in the next row. To our surprise, just as the Viceroy's buggy faced the line-up, the official party suddenly halted.

Take off your topi. Have you no manners? You ought to take off your cap when His Excellency inspects your school parade. The rest of us were scared stiff. I have observed the correct etiquette,' was Munne's reply. Munne had one topi in his hand and another one on his head. The second topi had a red feather in the band. The townsfolk stood still like statues! There was a nervous hush on every soul present in the square at that time. Guards, bring this fellow to the rest house in the presence of the Viceroy. We will deal with him there.

He was crying loud and proper. The two of us were escorted to where the whole entourage was camping. Did they beat the two of you? An officer came over and whispered to my friend to remove the cap and he would get Munne a pardon even at that late hour. Munne took off the cap with the red feather and bared his head.

But to everyone's amazement there was another topi on his head. This time the feather was yellow. Both of us started crying. Then he ordered the police chief to remove the cap from Munne's head. He was a tall, sturdy man dressed in khakis, decorated with stripes and medals. He followed his superior's orders, taking off the cap in an extremely rough manner. Munne was trembling and wailing. Now the fourth topi appeared on the boy's head carrying a blue feather this time. There was a loud gasp of disbelief from the gathering. All eyes were on the viceroy then.

Let me complete the episode. Then the officers confabulated among themselves. Failing to find an immediate solution, they approached the Viceroy for his directions. His Excellency ordered that Munne Ali be moved to Delhi to stand 45 a trial for impropriety to the imperial authority. After much effort I was allowed to accompany him, besides his father and mother.

Mercifully we were allowed homemade food. The trial was conducted in the Sessions Court where all criminal cases were dealt with. Toni, I must tell you of another unbelievable and funny thing which used to happen in those days. The topi stayed on Munne's head so long as anyone belonging to the government services was in our cell. In their absence the headgear would also disappear.

The vanishing trick has remained a mystery to me to this day," Harkishan Dass said. The trial was a sham. The judge ordered Munne's head to be shaved off. But the barber failed to do so because no sooner was the topi on his head removed, promptly another would appear on Munne's head. The Sessions Judge was perplexed and perhaps felt slighted. In desperation he ordered the root cause of the problem—Munne's head—to be chopped off! But the hangman refused to severe Munne's head with a cap on it.

But why did the hangman refuse to carry out the court's orders," Toni inquired. Once again the matter had to be referred to the Viceroy. His Excellency decided to deal with the boy himself. I was to be left behind. Munne had to be on his own. His parents gave up all hope of seeing him alive again. Munne appeared the following day in silken robes. He also carried a warrant to be given acres of land in Naya Gaon. Munne told me every detail of what happened at the Viceregal Lodge.

He ordered everyone to leave them alone. Munne was to be shoved down by the Viceroy from the parapet of the building. The idea was to kill my friend because no one can survive the fall from that height. As soon as Munne reached the top he saw a shinning star fly towards his head. There is a feather of diamonds in your cap.

Please sell me the topi,' the Viceroy pleaded. In lieu of that cap he paid the riches that I have already told you of. And wonder of wonders! After that, no more topis appeared on my friend's head. In Naya Gaon there were celebrations on our homecoming—the exploding of firecrackers—with everyone dancing to the band playing alongside. Oh, what a day it was! I believe you, Big Papa, because you always speak the truth. And Munne chacha comes to our house daily. Did such a thing ever happen again?

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Perhaps the heavens disapproved of the Viceroy's injustice as much as we on earth did! My great-grandfather, lovingly called Toni, revealed the episode to me for everyone to enjoy! Thomas Naveen woke up to the sound of breaking glass. He could hear mother pottering in the kitchen. Bhola, the boy who brought milk, was standing at the door looking very upset. Bhola didn't say anything but pointed to the door, at the steps of which Naveen could see the remnants of a milk bottle. The milk had seeped into the ground but the white mark was still there. As he gave the bottle to Naveen he said slowly, "I don't 48 know whether to tell you or not, but among our clan it is believed that the wasting of milk is inauspicious and brings in bad luck.

The bad luck could come to you, to me, or even to your dog. The entire day at school Naveen thought only about the impending misfortune. He even considered coming home at midday but stopped himself. On returning home Naveen ran to the dog with uncharacteristic eagerness. The dog seemed to be sleeping. The next morning things, however, turned for the worse. Niki was distinctly unwell. Naveen was all for taking the dog to the vet but his father didn't have any time to spare. Nothing will happen to him, don't worry.

Probably you will find that you won't even have to take him as he will be all right by then. The dog did not have to be taken to the vet because he was 50 lying absolutely still. Niki, Naveen's little dog, was dead. Naveen could not even cry. He remembered the omen of the broken milk bottle. He knew there was nothing he could have done to save Niki after he had broken the milk bottle. With the breaking of the bottle, the dog had been doomed to die. He cursed himself for not keeping Niki tied up which had resulted in the dog breaking the milk bottle.

Now Niki was dead and it was partly his fault. Naveen refused to hand ove'r Niki's body to the municipal scavenging department, as he couldn't bear to see his dear dog's body being thrown into the garbage truck. They buried Niki in the compound and Naveen put up a stone to mark the spot. Bhola came the next day; he had heard of Niki's death and had an 'I told you' look on his face. Naveen deliberately avoided any conversation with him. Naveen was very silent for the next few days; he missed Niki a lot. Sometimes he thought he heard a familiar bark and would run outside to check.

But he would come back disappointed realizing it was only a street dog. He stayed indoors more and having nothing else to do, spent a lot of time studying. With the result he had thoroughly revised his lessons a month ahead of the examinations and so had no cause for panic.

The Guardian Of Gunrock : 24 Short Stories

He comfortably went over the lessons and found he had no fear of the approaching exams. On the day of his first exam he woke up when it was still dark. He decided to go for a walk. As he pushed open the door, his heart sank on hearing the same sound again. He had by mistake upset the milk bottle kept just outside the door. He watched with horror the milk flow lazily across the floor. Luckily, Bhola was not present nearby to give his predictions.

Naveen was, however, thoroughly shaken up. He gave up the idea of going for a walk and had an early bath to settle his nerves. He felt slightly better as the water poured on his head but still, when he reached the school for his exams, he was scared. After 51 the milk bottle had been broken, something inauspicious was about to happen to him, that much he had learnt from experience.

One Moment

At this moment, performing well in the examination was the most important thing in the world for him and he knew something was bound to go wrong. He started writing his first exam with trembling fingers. His writing, however, steadied by the middle of the exam and he began to write with a lot more confidence. The exam went off reasonably well but under these circumstances, one could never say. There were five more papers to be written, the very next one that afternoon. Naveen went home, still feeling unsure of himself. By the time Naveen wrote the exam in the afternoon he was feeling slightly better.

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The immediate fear had begun to wear off. He gave himself confidence by telling himself that if misfortune was to occur, he couldn't avoid it by worrying about it. This made him feel better and he wrote the remaining papers feeling a lot more confident, even though he had not studied through the night like several of his classmates.

After writing the examination papers, Naveen knew that his part was over. Ill luck could still plague him; he would have written the wrong questions or his answers might be wrong. He didn't care anyway. He had felt constrained after Niki had died but this new incident seemed to release him from his predicament. He was active and played a lot during summer holidays, although he did have an occasional doubt about his impending results. The results were out. Naveen decided to confront Bhola the next day. Now won't you congratulate me on my success?

If you believe that it brings some sort of bad luck on you, you might spend the rest of your life worrying about them. She lived in a sprawling, beautiful, deep lake in Scotland called Loch Ness. It was a name the people living nearby had given her. She never had one before as her parents died before they made up their minds about a nice name for her.

But they did impress on her the dangers that lay awaiting her on the blue surface of the lake. So all her early childhood was spent in the dark interior of the lake.

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She was very lonely. It was a long lake and Nessy kept moving from one end to another, talking to the blue-green trout, silly little otters, lovely pink salmon, and shy oysters. When Nessy was a baby, others were friendly towards her. But for no reason at all she had started growing bigger and bigger even when she was not eating much. The others were getting rather uncomfortable in her presence. She was very friendly but she did not want to alarm these little creatures. So all day she moved alone at the bottom of the lake, thinking what she could do with her time. As days went by Nessy grew lonelier.

Suddenly, one day, she heard the distant, melodious music of bagpipes. She was very curious to see what it was. So far she had never dared to surface because of the tales of horror about humans that she had heard 54 when' she was young. The bright light of the day also made her nervous. Nessy made up her mind to surface over the calm ripples of Loch Ness to see the world outside.

So, gathering her courage and flipping her tail as if to shake off her nervousness, she slowly started ascending. When Nessy broke the ripples and peeped out, she saw it was a dark night, slightly chilly and very quiet, except for the soothing music of distant bagpipes.

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She saw the tiny flickers of lights in the village nearby. She took a deep breath, it was so peaceful. She wondered why she had never come out before. She spent an hour moving gracefully around, enjoying the melodious music and listening to the whisperings of the green foliage of the trees nearby. Then Nessy went down, back to the deep, dark cavern at the bottom of the lake which was her home, where she slept on the soft, green bed of weeds. All through the night she dreamt of coming to the surface in the light of day and making friends with someone.

Because of all that excitement throughout the night she was up very early, ready to surface again. But alas, as she was about to lift her head, she bumped against something very hard. The rider turns out to be a boy perhaps a year or less older than Rob himself. He appears to be sympathetic to Rob's plight and, introducing himself as Mike Gifford, tends to the blisters on Rob's feet before taking him to a nearby cave where he can rest in concealment.

Mike attempts to make the cave more hospitable by appropriating food, blankets and such from the Gifford household, but these discrepancies are eventually noticed by the housekeeper and reported to Mike's mother, whose suspicion is also aroused by Mike's staying out longer. She finds the cave and confronts Rob. Uncertain about how to proceed, Mrs Gifford allows Rob to remain in the cave one more night. The following morning, both Mike and Mrs Gifford visit the cave and speak to Rob; Mrs Gifford proposes that, as he will not willingly return to the Conurbs, and as Mike is determined to help him, the only plausible option is to fit Rob into the family.

So, declaring him a relative raised in Nepal and playing out his supposed arrival from the nearest station, Rob is inducted into the Gifford family. Changing his surname from Randall to Perrott, Rob does his best to adapt to life in the Gifford house, getting to know Mr Gifford and the servants, as well as Cecily, Mike's younger sister. Cecily is not told Rob's story, as it is feared that she is too young to keep the secret safely. Rob is taught various skills such as horse-riding to help him blend in with County society. These skills are put to the test when the Giffords hold a garden party and Rob is questioned by Sir Percy Gregory and an elderly man named Harcourt.

Under the stress, Rob fears his answers are unconvincing; but Harcourt dismisses Rob's mannerisms as typical of a "Nepalese settler ". Several months pass and Rob becomes increasingly confident and assured of his position, even going so far as to win third place in the archery contest of the year, beating Mike who comes in eleventh. Rob joins Mike at school; though he notices Mike's attitude toward him has changed. Mike brings Rob to a gathering held by a senior boy named Daniel Penfold, where a heated discussion on both the failings and the merits of the current social system ensues.

While most of the boys present laugh it off, Rob notices Mike does not. Later, Mike shares with Rob his knowledge of a gang of organised revolutionaries and hints that Rob should join. Rob refuses, both on principle and for fear of his secret being divulged. Christmas arrives and Rob celebrates it in the way of the County gentry. Mrs Gifford speaks to him about his good progress at school, noting that Mike is not doing as well.

As Mike and Rob are about to visit the Penfold family, she also raises her suspicions about Mike's dealings with them, especially with the older Penfold boy, Roger, whose Army record is not entirely clean. The visit passes largely uneventfully for Rob, in spite of Roger Penfold's somewhat seditious talk during dinner. On the ride home, Mike and Rob again fall to arguing over the state of affairs; Mike declares that he probably would not have been interested in these issues if he had not run across Rob. Another school term passes.

One Friday, Mike pulls out of a planned fishing trip with Rob, saying that he must ride to Oxford to see about a horse. Several hours later, news arrives that a rebellion has begun and that both Oxford and Bristol have been taken by armed rebels. Rob returns in haste to the Giffords' where Mrs Gifford demands he tell her what he knows about Mike's involvement. He does, and she rebukes him angrily, reminding him of Mike's kindness to him when he was in need.