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Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. The Wee Free Men. Truckers TV Series Animation Adventure Family. Adventure Comedy Drama. Comedy Family Fantasy.

Wizard Girl

Vovka v Tridevyatom tsarstve Animation Short Comedy. The Amazing Mr. Blunden Family Mystery Fantasy. Arabian Nights Adventure Family Fantasy. To cure a Prince's murderous madness, Scheherezade tells him a series of wonderous stories. The 10th Kingdom Adventure Comedy Family. The Golden Compass Stardust Comedy Family Sci-Fi. The Secret of Moonacre Action Comedy Family. Not yet released. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: David Jason Rincewind 2 episodes, Sean Astin Twoflower 2 episodes, Tim Curry Trymon 2 episodes, Jeremy Irons Patrician 2 episodes, Brian Cox Narrator 2 episodes, Christopher Lee Death 2 episodes, Geoffrey Hutchings Death 2 episodes, Michael Mears Jiglad Wert 2 episodes, Roger Ashton-Griffiths Lumuel Panter 2 episodes, Will Keen Ganmack Treehallett 2 episodes, Richard da Costa Edit Storyline A cowardly wizard is roped into a life of adventure.

Country: UK. Language: English. Sound Mix: Stereo. Edit Did You Know? He also voiced multiple characters in all three of the Discworld video games. Goofs David Bradley's Cohen teeth can be seen in several shots before Cohen gets his dentures. Quotes Death : Your lifetime is up, Rincewind.

I can't hang around all day. Rincewind : I can. What have you done with the tourist? Death : Nothing. He was lured by the attraction of the Wyrmberg. So tell us briefly about him, and why he was the one who qualified to become the prophet in your book. MANN: Well, he is, more than anyone else, the progenitor of the modern environmental movement. And the basic idea of it is one of limits.

He called it carrying capacity. And this is that the Earth, the environment — another idea he invented, the environment — is governed by these ecological processes and we transgress them at our peril. And therefore we have to hunker down. We have to put on our cardigan sweaters and turn down the thermostat and eat lower in the food chain and all that sort of stuff.

And he put this all together in a book. DUBNER: As apocalyptic as his beliefs and predictions were, the title itself connotes at least survival, if not prosperity. MANN: Much of the book is a passionate screed for population control, sometimes written in language that makes you cringe. DUBNER: So when you say that his discussion about population growth makes you cringe, was it from a classist perspective, the cringing comes from, or racist — how would you describe it?

MANN: I would say yes, both. He was, basically, pretty misanthropic. And he sometimes described them in language that is really kind of appalling — he talks about Indians breeding with the irresponsibility of codfish, and so forth. In this he was very much a man of that time, unfortunately. And this is something that environmentalists today should be aware of and think about. Their movement has some pretty deep roots in some pretty bad places. Rachel CARSON : Can anyone believe that it is possible to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life?

All these great environmental classics all stem directly from his work. MANN: And then it was just engulfed by suburbanization. So he tried to find nature, he ends up in a Brooklyn slum, and is plucked from that and goes to one of those schools they have in New York where the deserving poor are given special education. And he turned to ornithology. He was a passionate birdwatcher. I should mention that he had polio, as well, and he went all over the place despite finding great difficulty in walking and having canes and braces and having to be hauled around and so forth.

He was a gutsy guy. And through a whole series of unlikely circumstances — he ends up becoming the official ornithologist of the Peruvian government on these guano islands off the coast of Peru. And these islands have had seabirds roosting on them for millennia upon millennia. And the seabirds do what they do, which is to eat fish nearby and excrete huge quantities of bird poop. MANN: Okay. And they became very important to the Peruvian government. To maintain the supply of poop, you need to maintain the supply of birds.

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They like cold water. And this recurring phenomenon put a cap on the number of birds that you could have on these islands. And you could not augment the increment of excrement — that nature set these bounds. And this was this powerful insight for him. This is the way nature worked. And he put it together. And then he made two big steps, which I think are enormously important.

One is that he said, this kind of phenomenon, which is called a carrying capacity — means that only so much can be produced because of these natural limits — could be stretched like taffy to cover the entire world. The world can be thought of as a single environment with a single carrying capacity. So let me ask you this: as a prophet, do you need to be right?

Or is it enough to sound the alarm? Because obviously on that dimension at least, a prediction of famine and population wipeout, Vogt was wildly wrong. We just got the timing wrong. Nitrogen pollution is a huge issue. Or even worse, it goes into the streams, which goes into the rivers, which goes into the ocean, causes these enormous blooms of algae and other aquatic plants.

These die, they fall down to the bottom. And you can go on and on. At the same time as William Vogt, the prophet, was sounding the alarm on overpopulation and what he saw as the resultant famine, there was another scientist whose discoveries would lead to a dramatic growth of the global population. MANN: He was born in a very poor family in Iowa, poor soil, terrible, hardscrabble farm, worked like a dog.

He was determined to get off of that, he really hated it, clearly. MANN: Right, freed him up from the labor. And even more important, when you have horses, and oxen and so forth doing the labor for you, you have to grow food for them, and you have to tend to them. But I never would have imagined it. MANN: Exactly.

And of course your land becomes more productive. A tractor is a huge, huge deal. In terms of making more available land and, obviously, increasing the pace of the labor. Thanks to that tractor, Borlaug did go to college; he studied forestry and eventually got a Ph. Then he got a job with the Rockefeller Foundation, trying to boost the production of wheat in Mexico. MANN: And the remarkable thing is, he succeeded, despite not knowing Spanish, never having been out of the country, never having bred wheat before, hardly having worked with wheat before. And the thing is, he was so ignorant — very occasionally, ignorance is good.

And that way, I can do two a year and make things go twice as fast. DUBNER: Well, Borlaug found a way through, as you said, grit and luck, and a handful of other things, to make wheat a much, much, much more productive and more flexible crop. So talk to me about the consequences of, really, this one man and what he helped produce, good and bad consequences. MANN: Well, the good consequences are really striking. If you look at the data, shortly after the Green Revolution, wheat production in Mexico just soars. It basically quadruples. Our yields just increase enormously.

It goes to India and Pakistan. Same thing. And yields triple there. And the world just grows enormously more food. And famine — except for famine induced by war — basically ends.

See a Problem?

And I sort of think this should be taught in all the schools. One of them, you write, is that it essentially fueled income inequality. Land became more valuable. It just created a lot of leverage. On the other hand, the alternative would be that everyone gets to be poor and hungry, other than maybe, warlords and kings, right?

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So how much credence should we give inequality as a downside of the Green Revolution? And in countries with very weak institutions, which is unfortunately most of the world, it was stolen, often with the active support of the elites in the government. And huge numbers of people were pushed off the farms and forced into slums, and communities were broken up.

MANN: The big environmental costs of this are nitrogen pollution. What we talked about before. MANN: Kind of. I should tell you that I talked briefly with Borlaug before his death. Rick Just is a great storyteller. That being said, it definitely needs a good edit. There were several places where I was brought out of the story because of a grammatical error. This is why it did not receive five stars from me. Jun 01, Charlie Kravetz rated it it was amazing.

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was asked to do a review of this book by the author. A good story about wizards and dragons for all ages. A year-old girl is trying hard to believe what her father has told her about Kimyra. When a creature she has never seen shows up, she lies so that she can have her own adventure. This is the second book of the trilogy. The heroine is a strong-willed girl, who has decided to have her own adventure. This story is exciting, fast-paced, a This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. This story is exciting, fast-paced, and might have you holding your breath while some of the action takes place.

It has all the elements of the first story, but the heroine has much more self-confidence. The description of the shadow world of Kimyra was excellent. I was not ready for the story to end when it did. Rick Just writes because stories are in his head, and need to come out. Good books aimed at teens and young adults can be hard to come by. This story shows the young reader that persistence can overcome the challenges in our lives, even when those challenges seem to be overpowering. I would recommend this story to teens and young adults.

It is a very well written, fun to read book. If you have not read Wizard Chase "Wizard Chase" by this author, I would recommend reading it first, it will help you to understand the context better. This is the second book of the series. I have grabbed the next book of this series, I need to find out what happened to Kat.

Nov 13, Conan Tigard rated it really liked it. Rick Just has done it again. We get to return to Kimyra with another wizard, Kat, who is Gerrald's daughter.


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New characters are added, and some old ones return. Mantigore is still around pillaging the land or all the dragon's eyes from all the translator towers, thereby making impossible for different species to talk to one another. About half of the story of time is spent on Pack World.

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In the first book, only a hint of t Rick Just has done it again. In the first book, only a hint of this intriguing world was given.

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Rick Just has created a world where even the toughest of people would not last long. It is just plain nasty. But that only makes the story even better. I liked this book just as much, or maybe even a little more, than Wizard Chase. Kat is not as conceited as Gerrald was. This may because she is younger then when Gerrald had his adventure. Wizard Girl is an excellent addition to the Wizard Trilogy and I wholeheartedly look forward to the conclusion in Wizards' End. I rated this book an 8 out of There is another book after this one Not my favorite ending.

And I don't know that I enjoyed it enough to want to read the next book Danielle rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Paige rated it liked it Aug 19,